Be Burger, a story of enthusiasts

Be Burger is first and foremost the story of burger enthusiasts who have created recipes that are both unique and appealing to everyone.

Our recipes are unique because they are twisted by that little extra that makes the difference and that cannot be found anywhere else. Whether it’s because of the homemade sauce, the marinated onions or the bun with ‘corn flakes’ topping… there is no doubt possible: you will know it right away when you bite into a Be Burger burger!

Our menu appeals to everyone because we have thought as much about meat enthusiasts for whom we have selected Belgian beef meat as of vegetarians. We have vegetarian burgers, burgers with spicy notes, fish burgers, chicken fillet burgers… A tempting menu enriched with a few more dishes if the craving for burgers does not appeal to the whole table: beef tartare, salad, starters to share… There is something for everyone’s taste!

But the Be Burger concept doesn’t stop at the plate.

Be Burger also stands for a cosy, warm and friendly atmosphere and in all of its restaurants we find what makes Be Burger’s character: the combination of uniqueness and gathering.

Our restaurants are unique because each one has been designed according to the city or neighbourhood in which it is located. Although a Be Burger touch can be found in the brand’s strong markers, we will notice that the restaurant in Ixelles has the allure of a beautiful brasserie, whereas we come to Zaventem for the charm of this old mill or to Wemmel for its industrial look.

One thing is certain, whatever Be Burger you choose, you will immediately feel good. The size of the table doesn’t matter: a table for two, a business lunch or a group birthday… there is always a good reason to come and enjoy a delicious meal!

Brioche hamburger buns

Soft & crunchy

With our bun, we wanted to combine the airy side of a honeycomb crumb with the melting in the mouth of a soft bread while ensuring the crunch provided by the corn flakes on the top.

Salade et pickles d'oignons
Pictogramme salade

Local vegetables

Because our local produce matters

We make sure that our vegetables are produced as locally as possible, preferably in Belgium.

Fromage Passendale
Pictogramme fromage

The Be Burger signature

The little twist that makes the difference

We like to surprise you with unique touches: we don’t use fresh onions but we marinate our onions so that they best match our burger recipes, we use Passendale cheese that we would not imagine in a burger but which perfectly embodies our Brussels burger and we created our unique Be Burger sauce whose recipe we keep a secret. And More…

Steak Angus
Pictogramme viande

Belgian beef meat

For the love of good meat...

We wanted our meat to be high quality, healthy meat with a delicious taste. This is why we went to Ireland ourselves to choose the best meat to embody our burgers: Belgian beef.


Belgian fries

Because we don't forget our origins...

We bake our Belgian fries in beef fat, of course!
But why not try some sweet potato fries as well? Our sweet potato fries are baked in vegetable oil and will therefor particularly appeal to the vegetarians amongst you!